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Partsmart Q&A - Welcome to the Messerschmitt Owners' Club

You have joined an organization dedicated to keeping Messerschmitts in a usable condition by supplying a vast range of spare parts and technical support for restoration work.

What can I expect as an MOC member?

You will receive our magazine Kabinews - published regularly, minimum bi-monthly, and mailed throughout the World. Updates on spare parts are included every month together with an events page. Many interesting articles fully illustrated with good quality pictures will help you with your restoration or just keep you up to date with what others are doing. You will have access to our spare parts service with Worldwide distribution. You might just enjoy the contacts and monthly magazine but you will also have the opportunity to help with the organisation of the Club - we are always looking for people to organise publicity, social events, parts transport, and parts procurement. You may have specialist skills to offer and we can assure you of a warm welcome.

Where can I buy parts for my Messerschmitt?

The MOC has all wear parts available for the KR200. Some rarely needed body panels are missing from the range and it is usually possible locate these rare parts for you from specialist manufacturers.

How can I identify the part I need?

Our parts system uses the factory part numbers for all parts except the engine. Engine parts use the illustration number from the Sachs parts catalogue. You need both the engine and body parts manuals to identify what you need. These are available for free download on our website, (just click on the downloads section), and can be printed out on your home printer. If you do not have internet access, try your local library or school. The manuals are the key to identifying everything and also provide a useful guide for how the car is assembled.

What is available?

A current parts list is published in every issue of Kabinews showing prices and availability. Our website has sample lists in Excel format available for download. Parts manuals are also available from our Partsmart service in original factory format booklets. They are reasonably priced and useful to have as a reference, particularly during restoration work.

Can I have the parts sent to me - anywhere in the World?

MOC operates a by return postal service throughout the World. The price shown in the parts list includes UK sales tax of 17.5% and this is deducted from your purchase. In practice, this amount is usually enough to cover shipping costs to your home. Remember, you may have to pay import duty to the tax authorities in your country.

The part I need is not on the list?

MOC operates a used parts service to members only. All enquiries to Derek Cole - his contact details are listed in the Club Magazine Kabinews.

What happens to the money from subscriptions and spare parts?

The subscription income mostly covers the cost of production and distribution of our monthly magazine Kabinews. The spare parts income covers the cost of Insurance, Storage, Telephone, Office equipment, Transport, and sales commission to Wynford Jones. There is a small profit element that is used to invest in new spare parts projects. Therefore all profits are re-invested and do not go to any private individual.

How Partsmart operates:-

In any manufacturing process there is a possibility that some quality defects can occur and this is especially true of the low volume hand-made components that we need to keep our Messerschmitts going.

MOC Partsmart is not a commercial business but relies on the goodwill of many volunteers. For many of our parts, we rely on the suppliers, and volunteers to test the components. In almost every case, there is little or no profit in the manufacture of these parts; it is done by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. When there is a quality claim, we often have little recourse to the original supplier. This is especially so, when the parts were supplied to us some years previously. When we have to replace defective parts, the cost of doing so is borne by all members. We do allow a small element of profit, (typically 5%), in our price calculation to cover such loses but with components such as this we often eliminate even that margin to keep prices low. This is in compliance with our Articles of Association that supports parts supplies to keep the maximum number of Messerschmitts in roadworthy condition. That we have so few claims for defective parts is a credit to the volunteer engineers that spend hours of their free time developing new parts and tooling.

Most of us drive common cars and have some experience of making a warranty claim. Normally the supplier insists on fitting the parts themselves and gives a limited guarantee that can be up to one year from purchase or a specified mileage. If the part fails during the warranty period it is often replaced free. However, when the elapsed time is more than one year, the supplier has no obligation to replace the part. When we do have an apparent quality defect, the supplier will want to know that the part is fitted correctly. We cannot have any control on how components are fitted and it would clearly be very expensive to have an independent Engineer?s report to establish the cause of failure. We will always need you to help us establish the cause of any failure.

Members should expect to find their parts purchases readily usable and free of major defects. To help us with tracing defects, please keep the invoice and do not dismantle or modify the part, as it is then impossible to investigate any defect. Normally, faulty parts are replaced from stock but MOC does not have a customer service department or quality control department to investigate your problem. Any defects should be reported in a timely manner. This is especially difficult for some members restoring a car over a period of many months or perhaps even years! It is quite unreasonable to return parts bought more than one year previously and expect something to be done about it. Nevertheless, we need to know when something has gone wrong. To keep this good service, and reasonable prices, there will be times when we ask for your patience and understanding.